Active School Flag

This year we hope to continue our emphasis on physical activity in the school and to apply for the Active Flag. Our active review has been completed and a plan put in place with new activities for the coming year including activity logs, an active school notice board, “Bizzy Breaks” activities, indoor rainy day activities, “10 Minute Thursday” and a measured walking route around school. We thank the Board of Management who has funded some new sports/ playtime equipment including balls, hoops, skipping ropes, flying disks and throwing games. While we acknowledge that more investment is necessary in the area of physical education, it is wonderful to have these resources available to the children on return to school.

Active School Flag

See photos below from Active Monday, when we rotate our activities so that each class level gets to use the different equipment.

Sponsored School Walk 2014

On Sunday the 5/10/2014, the parents and children of Garrydoolis set off around the ring. They were invited to take part in Garrydoolis N.S sponsored walk. The starting point of the walk was the car park of the GAA pitch in Knockane. At two 2 o’clock, the walk commenced. Everybody had to wear a high vis jackets so that cars would see us. Lots of people volunteered to do stewarding for the walk.After we had completed the walk everyone was invited to go back to the school as there was a variety of different activities like face painting, a magic show, a clown, Minnie and Mickey Mouse. All these activities and fun were sponsored by Knockane GAA. Knockane GAA also sponsored drinks and treats after the walk, as well as lovely gold medals. For the adult entertainment, the Parents Association baked biscuits and cakes and served the food with a cup of tea for everyone to enjoy… while the children were bopping to music with Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

An entertaining day was had by all. Thanks to The Parents Association, Knockane GAA , Garrydoolis staff, and most importantly thank-you everybody who gave sponsorship money so that we can buy lots of lovely new sports equipment.
– by Joan Beary, 6th class

Active Breaks Indoor thanks to the Parent’s Association

We enjoy active breaks even when it is raining! Our Parents’ Association very kindly bought Giant Connect 4, Giant Jenga and a quoits game for our school. We also have indoor hopscotch, skittles and a target board for indoor break times.

Active Week 2015

Our Motto: Working Together / Ag obair le chéile