School Times

Please find a summary below of our new school times which will take affect 27th of August 2014.

8.50 a.m. Pupils received and supervised at school

9.00 a.m. School starts

1.40 p.m. Infants go home

2.40 p.m. First – Sixth class pupils go home

Assembly and Dismissal

School hours are 9.00am to 2.40pm. Children should arrive on time for school and be should be collected punctually after school. Children are encouraged to become independent, and are expected to make their own way to their classrooms each morning. Junior Infant pupils may be escorted to their rooms by parents/guardians but should also be encouraged to develop independence in coming to their classrooms by themselves. Regular late arrivals for school or requests for early departure form bad habits for your child, and these disruptions are unfair to the children and class teachers. Parents are requested to ensure that the children arrive on time for school and should only request early departures in the most exceptional circumstances.

Home time

Children must remain with their teacher at dismissal time when their class is brought to the front yard until their parent/guardian/minder collects them. Children may never leave the front yard area without adult supervision. Parents are requested to come to the school gate at collection time as children cannot be allowed onto the road unaccompanied.

Absences/Illness/Medical Appointments

Regular attendance at school is essential for the child. Absences should be explained by note when the child returns to school. Any cases of infectious illness should be notified to the school without delay. Absences in excess of 20 school days will be reported to the N.E.W.B (National Education Welfare Board)

Our Motto: Working Together / Ag obair le chéile