School Garden

All classes will shortly begin preparatory work in relation to the planting of our school garden.

We again thank Sally Ann and Fiona for sharing their expertise!

Garden Lessons

The Big Dig

Planting the School Garden

We have planted mixed lettuce, spring onions and radishes in our new garden beds.
We had to mark a straight line with string, make a furrow, sprinkle the seeds and cover with soil.
We hope they grow quickly!

Garden Posters & Designs

See images below from a Poster competition which the senior pupils did to raise awareness for donations of seeds, compost and tools for the garden.
The other images show garden layout ideas also by the senior classroom. Pupils enjoyed putting their ideas together for these.

School Garden – June 2015

Our healthy school garden and strawberry pollination experiment.

Our Motto: Working Together / Ag obair le chéile