Our School


Garrydoolis National School is over 130 years in existence. In 1989 it became a one-teacher school and in 1998 it reverted back to a two-teacher school.

The school is situated in County Limerick, but borders County Tipperary. It is also at the edge of the parishes of Nicker and Templebraden and on the edge of the political constituency and has recently been affected by the changes in the political boundaries.

The current enrolment is 38 pupils (2015). This number is sustainable as new families are filtering into the community.
In recent years, the school has been successful in obtaining funding from the Department of Education and Science for major improvements to the building. The old roof was replaced, a new indoor toilet block was added on, a new office was included and the corridor was a welcome addition to the main building. Also a drop-off area for cars was added to the front of the building, and the old rough yard was brought up to modern standards.


The Minister for Defence, Willie O’Dea, officiated at the opening of an extension to the school at Garrydoolis on Sun. June 5th 2005.

Defective wiring was replaced, an alarm system installed, and oil-fired central heating replaced the old storage heaters. Old floorboards were removed and new floors were laid and covered with marmoleum. A derelict wall was removed from the corner of the yard and the grassy are of that corner was levelled and drained. In recent years, the whole school has been painted inside and out. In 2012 the old coal shed was at last demolished and the play area was extended with the help of the CLÁR grant.

All the bills relating to the improvements have been paid for by a combination of a devolved grant from the DES, the Minor Capital Works grant, the CLÁR grant, and fundraising by the parents.

The large field to the rear of the building is used for field games and athletics.

In recent years a variety of trees have been planted to enhance the natural environment. An ash grove is thriving at the end of the field. Silver Birch and Chinese Alder are also growing well. Other trees in the field include beech, one oak grown from an acorn, hawthorn, willow, horse-chestnut, holly, sycamore, and some decorative shrubs. The County Council have supplied many trees.

The school was awarded its second Green Flag in 2009, and recycling is part of the daily life of the school. The school was awarded the Active Flag in 2015.

Our Motto: Working Together / Ag obair le chéile